HR Graduates Needed at Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is offering you a lifetime opportunity to kick-start your global career with them in 2016

They are looking for top-of-the class graduates to join their Novo Nordisk International Operations HR Graduate Programme that will start in September 2016.

This Graduate Programme will give you a place to begin your life-changing career allowing you to offer your skills, talent plus the the knowledge you aquired during your master’s degree to life in a global business environment.

The International Operations HR Graduate Programme in South Africa for newly graduated master’s students is a 2-year Programme. During three 8-month rotations you will learn valuable skills as you work across different business areas and countries.


You must have a recent master’s degree in HR, psychology or a related field and have no more than 1 year of work experience since finishing your master degree

To read more about this program visit their website here

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