How to Get a Matric After School – Adult Matric

Failed to obtain a Matric due to one reason or the other? Dont give up hope yet! There is help to sort you out!

I read somewhere that statistics indicate that about 60% or more of South Africa’s population do not have Matriculation Diploma so you are not alone.

There are a quite a number of institutions out there that you can enrol that can help you get a Matric. Let us look at some of them.

1. Elroi Academy

Ever heard of Elroi Academy. Elroy Upgrading Academy offers you Matric Rewrites and Upgrades Online or from one of their 3 campuses ie Pretoria, Ruimsig and Midrand.

The courses are online which are delivered through short video lectures. The electronic exercises allow one to do endless practice.

Also, their courses are designed in such a way that they dont just give a repeat of Grade 12 but rather offer you a comprehensive coverage of all the grade 10-12 CAPS content (This is crucial for 2014 upgraders that have not done Gr10-12 CAPS content).

The teachers at Elroi Academy are qualified experienced upgrading educators who have a passion to help you and guide you from where you are coming from to where you are going.


2. College SA

College SA have different options to suit different people’s unique situations

a) For those who are older than 23yrs and have never completed a Matric

b) For those who were in Matric the last 2 yrs but did not complete Matric

c) For those who passed Matric but need better marks

d) For those that left school recently and did not compelte Matric

e) For those that left school a long time ago and never completed Matric

If you are interested in talking to a course expert, you can contact them at 0800 21 23 22


3. Word In Truth Skool

According to their website, Word In Truth C-Training is an independent school registered with the Gauteng Department of Education (TW 700 400 651). Our learners write the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examination of the Department of Education.

Their training endeavours to take up the responsibility for the teaching and learning of learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12. We aim to assist in equipping learners from all walks of life, in order to attain a better standard of life and personal achievement.


These guys do deliver an Internationally approved Matriculation Diploma.

They claim that students who graduate through them get a prestigious diploma that has been accepted at prestigious universities & colleges around the world including Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, UC Irvine, Ohio University, HESA (the Higher Education of South Africa), Matriculation board of the SA Universities etc


Others institutions include:-

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