Learnerships in Mpumalanga Mines

Mpumalanga is a province that lie in eastern part of South Africa and north of KwaZulu-Natal. It also borders the nation of Swaziland & Mozambique. Mpumalanga constitutes 6.5% of South Africa’s land area.

Mpumalanga Province is made up of 3 districts that are further subdivided into seventeen local municipalities.

For those that are looking for learnership opportunities in Mpumalanga, one of the things to know is that there is extensive mining that is done in Mpumalanga. Mpumalanga is blessed with rich mineral deposits which include:

– Gold
– Silica
– Antimony
– Platinum group metals
– Vanadiferous magnetite
– Copper
– Argentiferous zinc
– Chromite
– Cobalt
– Tin
– Iron
– Manganese
– Coal
– Shale among other metal

There are a number of international companies that run mining activities in Mpumalanga in South Africa where one can look for learnership opportunities. These companies include:-

1. Exxaro


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