Learnerships in Mpumalanga 2018

Mpumalanga is a province in South Africa. It was originally called Eastern Transvaal and the name was chaged in 24 August 1995. The capital is Nelspruit.

Mpumalanga borders Swaziland and Mozambique and is served by good network of roads and railways. It also has a small airport that goes by the name of Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport. Mpumalanga is divided into 3 districts namely: Gert Sibande District, Nkangala District and Ehlanzeni District that are subdivided into a total of 17 local municipalities.

For those that are looking for jobs/learnership opportunities in Mpumalanga, its good to note that Mpumalanga does a lot of mining and some of the minerals that are mined here include platinum metals, gold, chromate, silica, cobalt, vanadiferous magnetite, copper, argentiferous zinc, antimony, iron,coal, manganese, tin, limestone among other metals.

So your search might be to look for learnership opportunities in mining related companies that are located in this province.

You may or may not know this but Mpumalanga generates an output of 83% of South Africa’s coal production! Much of this coal (90%) is used for generating electricity and also used in the synthetic fuel industry.

The coal power stations are normally located near the coal deposits. There is a coal liquefaction plant in Secunda (Secunda CTL) which is one of the country’s two petroleum-from-coal extraction plants, which is operated by the synthetic fuel company Sasol.

A number of mining companies are located in Mpumalanga which you can visit their websites and look for learnership opportunities. These mining companies include:

– Exxaro
– Xstratacoal
– Sumo Coal
– Sasol
– Assmang
– Black Wattle Colliery (Pty) Ltd
– Blast Quest CC
– Brake Tech Industries
– Crushco Engineering
– Liketh Investment (Pty) Ltd
– Forzando Coal Mines (Pty) Ltd

Other companies to search for learnerships that are involved in civil engineering projects include:
– Africon Engineering International (Pty) Ltd
– Hensal Civil Construction
– S N A Civil & Development Engineers
– Dombo Du Plessis & Partners
– Boschrand Property Holdings
– Grimbeek Konstruksie
– Bergman Ingerop
– Maxi Beton
– V3 Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd

We wish you all the best in your endeavours as you search for learnerships in South Africa. You can also search this site to see if their are any available listings of learnerships in mining that we have posted.

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