Life Guards Learnership: The Langeberg Municipality

The Langeberg Municipality has an opening for a learnership program and is inviting young people that are full of energy who want to be trained as life guards.

The qualifying candidates will have to be tested to find out if they can swim (which is a compulsory evaluation) and they will be notified when and where to go for this testing.

It is advised that candidates to come with their own food, swimwear, towels, equipment & refreshments to the Testing Centre. Those that qualify the swimming test will then have to be evaluated on the lifesaving techniques. These are compulsory evaluations & requirements.


– One should have a Grade ten or twelve months relevant lifesaving experience

– Those with a valid lifeguard cert will be at a better advantage

– Candidate will have to meet the requirements of the Qualifying certificate standard as per the Lifesaving South Africa

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