Learnerships For Matriculants

In the nation of South Africa, the term “matriculation” or in short “matric” is a word that refers to the last year of high school plus the qualifications one attains when graduating from high school. To be more strict, the word is meant to refer to minimum requirements needed to enter a university.

In loose terms, “matric exams” refer to the school-leaving exams that students go through which are administered by the government so by extension, students who are in their last year of study in high school (Grade 12) are known as Matrics.

The National Senior Certificate is the officially recognised certificate that is obtained at the end of high school learning in South Africa whilst the “Senior Certificate Examinations” refers to the school-leaving examinations.

For those students who are able to fulfill the set requirements in their Senior Certificate will recieve a Marticulation Endorsement on their certificates. this endorsement is the legal minimum requirement for admission to a bachelor’s degree at any South African university.

Concerning learnerships for matriculants, there are many organisations out there that offer learnership opportunities. Search this site plus other sites out there on the internet that post learnership offers. Other sites to consider include indeeed.co.za, Pnet.co.za, Gumtree among many other popular sites.

South Africa is a well developed economy in

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