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Learnerships at Department of Home Affairs are available in various fields. Learnership in a government department is different from any other opportunity because of the exposure, the resources, the wealth of information and access to mentors and trainers.

The period spent in the department is bound to have unrivalled effect on any learner. The department lists all opportunities available at the start of the year. This information is also available on websites that list learnerships in South Africa.

The Department of Home Affairs is offering an opportunity to learn in different provinces all over the country such as in Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Gauteng and Northern Cape among others. It makes it easy for learners to choose opportunities within their locality, which will obviously reduce the expenses accrued in the one year learning opportunity.

Most importantly, applicants should evaluate the offer and select learnerships at Department of Home Affairs based on their academic qualification as well as the opportunity it promises. In essence, a learnership is a chance to discover more about a specific filed through direct contact with key players so that a learner can acquire skills through hands on training.

Furthermore, a learrnership offers a chance to learn more theoretically.

After the one year programme, a learner is in a better chance of getting employed for having gained experience, exposure and skills. Employers are seeking individuals who have what the market needs currently, not people who are still stuck on theories they learnt in school years ago.

Learnerships are organized and planned by competent people in the department who know what the world needs in a particular field. The theory and practical sessions are prepared according to the market standards to turn learners into professionals.

Learnerships at Department of Home Affairs target unemployed graduates who are eager to get trained in their field of practice. The monthly allowance is R3, 000. The monthly stipend may not be sufficient but it goes a long way for the unemployed. That is why an applicant should look for a learnership in the locality to reduce expenses such as accommodation and meals.

To qualify for these learnerships, applicants should have a three-year diploma or degree in any field. They should also have good communication skills, be computer literate, have a good academic record, willingness to learn and integrity.

For all learnerships regardless of the company or department, it is necessary for an applicant to match the requirements to his/her ability and skills because this is the only way to increase chances of getting in. There are thousands of jobs seekers and competition of these opportunities is fierce.

The offices within this department where learners can seek learnerships include the communications and public relations, information services, internal audit, office of the Deputy Minister Strategic Planning and Administration, finance and supply chain, civil services and counter corruption legal services.

The department lists all offices, the qualifications required as well as the benefits learners should expect in relation to the skills obtained.

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    I want that particular learnership cause I love that career the problem is that I dont have energy(poor financial) to persue that career please rescue to be part of the learnership my number 0733724177. I thank you.

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