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What are learnerships? Learnership is a program that followed a structured process where those that have been put under it aquire theoretical as well as practical skills in a particular job or workplace with the end result of gaining experience and a certification.

There are many companies in South Africa that offer learnership programs to South African citizens. A learnership program normally take one year to complete and it involve attending classes at a training center or a college. The training center/college is necessary to enable classroom based learning while the workplace experience (which is a must) gives them practical skills.

The main people that are targeted to apply for learnerships are unemployed people including those with disablities. From the various learnerships i have seen, the age group that is targeted is normally between 18 to 35 yrs old.

There are some learnership programs that only target women while others only look for people with disabilities.

The advantages of learnership are good. These include:-

– You get valuable work experience that improves your chance of getting a permanent job.
– You receive a qualification that is recognised in the country.
– The experience you get during your learnership period can help you gain valuable networks that can help you should you decide to be self employed in the future

Requirements for Learnerships?

From what i have seen, most learnerships do not require applicants to have certifications of higher learning apart from the minimum Matric. Most learnerships do not require past job experience making it easier for people with no job experience to apply

Though its also good to note, as i said earlier, that some learnership are gender specific while others only want disabled people to apply.

Where To Get Latest Learnerships

The internet provide you with an awesome medium to search for learnerships. There are companies that post their learnership vacancies on their official sites while others post them on job application sites. We also do post learnership offers from companies on this site.

Other sites and search engines that one can use to search for learnerships include:-


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