DPSA Vacancies 2017

The DPSA is the Department of Public Service South Africa. Its vision is to provide not only to be an efficient, effective & development oriented public service but also offer an empowered and inclusive citizenship.

The Department of Public Service and Administration gets its mandate from the Section 195(1) of the South African Constitution which sets out basic values & principles that DPSA should adhere to, and the Public Service Act (PSA) of 1994, as amended.

The work of DPSA is to:

– Support the government minister in leading public service administration
– Provide professional advice & plus support to ensure excellent public service delivery
– Promote good governance in South Africa, the African Continent and around the world


The DPSA vacancies are normally listed on their website which you can get more information through this link: is http://www.dpsa.gov.za/vacancies.php

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