Learnerships in Cape Town

Cape Town has the potential to turn your dream into a career. There are numerous learnership opportunities you can use to improve your skills. The most important consideration before looking for learnerships in Cape Town is thinking about the kind of attachment you are in need of.

Basically, you need an opportunity to practice what you learnt in school, boost your skills, and increase your chances of securing employment. That is why learnerships specify the qualifications needed, such as a college or university certificate in a particular field. Some ask for Grade 12 results.

Your learnership can turn into employment, if the company that takes you in has a job opportunity and considers you a suitable candidate. For that reason, an attachment is a chance to learn and also sell your skills to prospective employers. The learner undergoes a rigorous theory and practical course with the management checking the progress regularly.

In other cases, getting an internship at one of the leading companies in your industry can help you convince prospective employers in future. They are always looking for candidates with experience, and working in one of the best companies means you have what it takes.


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