Why Was Your Resume Rejected?

We all know job hunting is not an easy exercise. Many people are looking for jobs and for you to be noticed you really need to stand out from the crowd.

One of the major tool that sells you is your CV. Not only does your CV point out your qualifications, but it also acts as an advertising tool for you.

This means your resume has to be done well for it to stand out among a sea of other resume that land in from of job recruiters. Should your resume be rejected, what could have been the factors that contributed to this?

Erin, a well known certified resume writer who specializes in professional and executive level CV and career services gives us some ideas as to why your resume could have been rejected..

1. An Overwhelmed Hiring Manager

She says that “even hiring managers can become overwhelmed with too much information and may overlook your resume, especially if they feel the content is irrelevant.”

Read more on this plus 6 other reasons why your CV was rejected at her blog here.

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