Discover 12 Ideas to Make You More Hireable

Have you been searching for a new job or trying to enter the job market but cant seem to make any headway in your applications? Get to discover below 12 tips that can help you be more hireable in your next job hunt.

Searching for a new job is not an easy process and it requires one to be diligent and find creative ways to be noticed by hiring managers. Abby of the Muse shares with you ways that will help you stand out among other applicants out there.

From the infographic below she share with us one needs to have an updated Linkedin profile. I agree with her on this. In this age where social media has become part and parcel of us, one cannot afford NOT to take advantage of this tool to make them more marketable.

In the past, we used to just write CVs and mail them out hoping to get shortlisted for an interview but past surveys have shown that hiring managers are increasingly visiting social media profiles of potential candidates to see if they are a good fit for their organisation.

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