Best Foods To Eat Before Job Interview That Fight Anxiety

Going for an interview and want to sharpen your memory, improve your focus and help to fight anxiety? Read more..

I know many of us have had bouts of anxiety as we prepare for that all important job interview. We do all that we can to make sure that we have prepared well having the best answers to give when we face our interviewer.

We also go to great lengths to study the company we might be become a part of and dress well for the interview.

But do you know that many of us don’t consider what to eat before we go for the interview?

You might be surprised to discover that their are different types of food that when eaten can make you feel lethargic or sloppy while others can help increase you focus and even calm you down

Well the folks at Stand Out CV have shared with us the best foods to consume and those to avoid when going for a job interview.

Check out this informative infographic and be wise.

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