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Admin Learnership

Recruiting Company : Computershare Investor Services (Pty) Ltd
Contract Type : Temporary / Contract
Learnership Location: Johannesburg Metropolitan
Available: 05 January 2015
Learnership Category: Banking / Finance And Investment O
Renumeration Offer: R3200

The Certificate in Office Administration Learnership will provide an opportunity for unemployed matriculants to acquire a range of administrative skills crucial to the successful functioning of our organisation

* Have a matric with diploma endorsement
* Have knowledge of MS Office Literacy ( Word and Excel)
* Know how to speak English and/ or Afrikaans.
* Disabled candidates are welcome to apply

Other Requirements

This admin learnership program has both theory and practical aspects to it. The theory aspect of the learnership will be conducted & administered by the learning Institute. The practical part of the learnership will be assessed by a registered assessor in the workplace.

1. Theory component – This is the structured learning component of the learnership. Learning is to be completed at an accredited training provider and the learner is assessed via the means of a three hour examination in the following learning areas:

* Business and Office Administration.
* Communication
* Marketing
* Public Relations
* Financial Accounting.
* Administrative Practiced
* Cost and Management Accounting

2. Practical Component – This work-based component of the learnership will require you to work in a monitored workplace , thereafter you will be assessed against the practical component of the learnership. The practical component must be completed at an accredited workplace provider.

This learnership will take twelve 12 mths to finish, during which time the learner is required to complete both the theory and practical components of the learnership.

Where to Apply

Visit this page now to apply:


2015 Graduate Internship Programme

SAS claim to be the leader in business analytics software and services. They are looking to employ graduates for their 2015 Graduate Internship Programme. Below are the roles they are recruiting:-

* BI/DI Analytics
* BI Platform Administrator

What Are Your Accountables?

- You will be providing technical support to customers through the phone & email.
- Under support, you will also be researching on questions asked by customers or problems and afterwards contact them with the relevant solutions.
- Keep yourself informed on other vendors products (ie how they interface and/or compete with the SAS System). You will also be keeping contact with the vendors to report problems & get information and/or advises users how to best use the SAS System in conjunction with them. (Continued)

Tackling Tough Interview Questions – How To Be Prepared!

Immediately upon graduation, most college students start filling in job applications in hopes of securing a job interview. Prior to this, these graduates need to have an impressive graduate resume.

Resume writing is an art that is best left to professional resume writers that specialize in graduate and entry level resumes. A good cover letter and an impressive resume is the first step towards being granted a job interview.

Now that you have secured an interview, you need to prepare for the tough questions that lie behind the employers door. The majority of people considers the expected questions and prepare for these. Many rehearse the answers so that they sound confident while answering them.

Practicing responses in advance keeps a check on nervousness, and you sound professional and confident. However, with the job market so competitive and so many applicants applying for the same job, employers have come up with a way to weed out applicants and let the cream rise to the top. Employers will ask questions that are difficult, make your pulse race and be tough to answer.

Tough Questions You Can Expect

Let us take a closer look at some of the tough questions you may be asked and what a likely response could be:

1. You have no experience. Why should I consider you?

You need to be persuasive. Mention your ability to overcome deficiencies. Also, mention how you increased your knowledge through education, internships and summer jobs.

Perhaps explain how your ability to master new technology made your colleagues turn to you for advice. Detail how your budding management skills would have a positive impact on the organization.

2. How did you resolve a conflict, if you had any, with your professor or last employer?

You need to accept that you had disagreements with your professors or past employers that required resolution. Give specific examples of how you coped and resolved the issue without being judgemental of your professor or previous employer.

To answer this question correctly, you need to show that you are able to see the other persons view in the dispute, consider all options and then act rationally. That is what the employer is looking for. The employer really does not care who was right or wrong but what is important is how you handled yourself and the situation.

3. How would your professors (or last employer) describe you?

Explain that all would agree that you were a very energetic person who always accomplished whatever task was at hand. You were dependable, creative and possessed a keen eye to apply your knowledge in a very practical sense.

Inform the interviewer that you have references for his consideration to backup your comments.

4. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a successful leader ?

Be brief, clear and meaningful with your answer as this is a true quality of an excellent manager. Some qualities you could mention are collaborative leadership, visionary planning, understanding the corporate objectives.

Also, highlight how to interpret these to increase revenues and service the clientele. You can finish your response by giving an example of a person you consider to be a true leader.

5. What is your greatest weakness?

Everyone has one so never answer this question in a lame manner. Be precise and confident in expressing to the employer what you feel your greatest weakness is.

Then immediately explain how your main achievement has been to recognize your greatest weakness and work on overcoming the issue.

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Pharmaceutical Learnership at Clicks

There is a learnership job oportunity available to anyone who might be interested. Below are more details about this:-

- Recruiting Company: Clicks
- Job Location: Witibank
- Job Category: Pharmaceutical

Job Summary
The purpose of this learnership is to enable the candidate to get National certificate through its Pharmacy Assistance learneship program. This will be done through an accredited Pharmacy Healthcare Academy.

Learnership Objectives

- You will be expected to complete in full the Learnership Training Contract that will be done at a registered Clicks Pharmacy. You will be placed under an approved tutor
- You are expected to attend the required training interventions and successfully complete the competency assessments (Continued)

Motor Mechanics Learnership

There is a learnership opportunity available to you offered by a company called Telesure. Below are more details concerning this:-

- Title: Assessing Learnership
- Company: Telesure
- You will be reporting to the General Manager
- This job has been classified as a Fixed Term Contract
- You will be working in Pretoria, Gauteng Province

More About This Learnership

This learnership opportunity is open to persons who are unemployed who are interested in the Motor Mechanics industry.

Your Responsibilities (Continued)

Human Resource (HR) Learnership

Recruiter: Futurelink KZN
Type: Learnership
Location: Pinetown
Available: Immediately
Category: Human Resources

About the Learnership
Interested in working in the world of HR? A reputable and well recognised company is looking for an individual to fill the above position.

Requirement (Continued)

Tourism Learnership – Imperial

Oportunity: Learnership Offer For Tourism Graduates
Job Type: Learnership
Province: Gauteng

Job Overview

We are offering energetic and passionate young leaders with the right qualification an opportunity to join our 2014/15 learnership programme. (Continued)

SARS Customer Service Learnerships x4 – Limpopo

SARS seeks to enroll qualified learners in the Operations Division (Branch Operations)

Branch Operations

As at April 2014, Branch Operations comprised 51 branches responsible for the management of face-to-face interaction with taxpayers.

Minimum Requirements/Qualifications

- Have a Matric
- Have a Certificate in Accounting/Financial Management/Taxation
- Be a South African Citizens
- You should not be having more than 6 months of work experience
- You must not be participating in any learnership at the moment (Continued)

DPSA Vacancies 2015/2016

The DPSA is the Department of Public Service South Africa. Its vision is to provide not only to be an efficient, effective & development oriented public service but also offer an empowered and inclusive citizenship.

The Department of Public Service and Administration gets its mandate from the Section 195(1) of the South African Constitution which sets out basic values & principles that DPSA should adhere to, and the Public Service Act (PSA) of 1994, as amended. (Continued)

Maphumulo Municipality – Municipal Financial Interns

Maphumulo Municipality is currently offering great opportunity to potential individuals to apply for Municipal Financial Interns (X3) Programme.

The programme is a perfect opportunity for any individuals who wish to beef up their potentials in Budget and Treasury Office. The contract given for current programme is a 2-year contract with the salary valued R90 000 per annum. (Continued)